Registration Information

Prairie Central parents will be registering students online through a program called Infosnap. Detailed instructions are now being mailed or emailed to each parent, complete with phone numbers for support and payment options. Each student will be assigned a unique “snapcode” (access code). Parents and/or guardians will create an account (with password) and then will use individual “snapcodes” to register all of their children under this account.

INCENTIVE for EARLY REGISTRATION: The District depends on knowing its enrollment in a timely manner to make staffing, facilities and supplies/equipment decisions for the coming year. Therefore, it encourages early registration. The following is offered as an incentive for early registration:

Before July 1 – 10% Discount for Basic Registration
July 1- Aug. 11 – No Discount
After Aug. 11 – $25 “Late” Charge

NEW students to the Prairie Central School District entering 5th or 6th grade (i.e., transferring in from another district), will need to call the Upper Elementary at 815.657.8238 for pre-registration information.

CURRENT Prairie Central students, entering 5th or 6th grade, will receive online registration information by mail.

Parents who do not have access to the Internet for online registration may use a public computer (i.e., library). School computers will be made available at all schools during the following dates and times: August 6 & 7 (8:00-3:30 PM), August 10 (3-8 PM), August 11 (By appointment only).

Student Accident Insurance (2014-15)

Parents who would like information on student accident insurance may enroll online by clicking here.

Markel Insurance
Phone: 877-444-5014

Open House

Monday, August 17, 2015
3:00 – 6:00 PM
for all incoming 5th & 6th graders and their parents

School Supplies