400Goals and Objectives
405Fiscal and Business Management
406Identity Protection
408Fund Balances
410.04Revenue and Investments
410.05Fiscal Management - Depositories
410.06Incurring Debt
410.07Fiscal Management - Gifts, Grants, and Bequests
410.08Purchase Approval Procedures of Booster and Parent-Teacher Organizations
410.16Activity Funds
415.01Payment Procedures
415.01-EExhibit - School District Payment Order
415.03Purchases and Contracts
415.03-AP1Administrative Procedures - Purchases
416Insufficient Funds Checks
416-APAdministrative Procedure - Insufficient Funds Checks
420Accounting and Audits
420-APAdministrative Procedure - Checklist for Internal Controls
430Commercial Insurance Management
435-AP1Administrative Procedure - School Bus Post-Accident Checklist
435-AP2Administrative Procedure - Bus Driver Communication Devices; Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection; and Bus Driving Comments
437Co-Curricular Transportation &
Efficiency Considerations
440Food Services
440-APAdministrative Procedure - Food Services
440.01Food Services Management
441Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
442Waiver of Student Fees
445-EExhibit - Resolution to Increase Driver Education Fees
450Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds
450-APAdministrative Procedure - Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds
450.01Custodial Services
450.02Facility Management and Building Programs
465-AP1Administrative Procedure - Comprehensive Safety and Crisis program
465-AP2Administrative Procedure - Criminal Offender Notification Laws
465-AP3Administrative Procedure - School Bus Safety Rules
465-AP4Administrative Procedure - Emergency Preparedness Response to Homeland Security Codes
465-AP5Administrative Procedure - Unsafe School Choice Option
465-AP6Administrative Procedure - Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at an Indoor Physical Fitness Facility
465-AP6-E1Exhibit - School Staff AED Notification Letter
465-AP6-E2Exhibit - External Automated Defibrillator Incident Report
465-AP7Administrative Procedure - Targeted School Violence Prevention Program
465-AP7-E1Exhibit - Threat Assessment Decision Tree
465-AP7-E2Exhibit - Threat Assessment Documentation
465-AP7-E3Exhibit - Targeted School Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Education
465-E1Exhibit - Accident or Injury Form
465-E2Exhibit - Memo to Staff Members Re Contacts by Media About a Crisis
465-E3Exhibit - Emergency Medical Information for Students Having Special Needs or Medical Conditions Who Ride School Buses
465-E4Exhibit - Letter to Parents Regarding Student Safety
465-E5Exhibit - Informing Parents About Offender Community Notification Laws
471Resource Conservation
471-APAdministrative Procedure - Resource Conservation
480Risk Care Management
480-APAdministrative Procedure - Risk Care Management
480-EExhibit - Risk Care Management Review Certification Form
485Pandemic Preparedness
485-AP1Administrative Procedure - School Action Steps for Pandemic Influenza
485-AP2Administrative Procedure - Pandemic Influenza Surveillance and Reporting