200School District Governance
200.01Powers and Duties of the School Board
200.01-EExhibit - Waiver and Modification Request Process
200.02School Board Responsibilities
200.02-EExhibit - Organizational Chart
215Board Member Term of Office
215.01Board Member Qualifications
215.02School District Elections
215.03Board Member Removal from Office
215.04Vacancies of the School Board - Filling Vacancies
235Board Member Ethics (Code of Conduct)
235-EExhibit - Code of Conduct for School Board Members
236Board Member Oath and Conduct
237Board Self-Evaluation
240Board Member Conflict of Interest
245Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers
246Board Member Development
250Board-Superintendent Relationship
252Communications To and From the Board
255-EExhibit - Committee Structure
255.01Advisory Committees to the Board - Student Discipline Advisory Committees
260Board Attorney
265Consultants to the Board
266Procurement of Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Services
268Types of School Board Meetings
270School Board Meeting Procedure
270.01Organizational School Board Meeting
270.02Typical Meeting Agenda
270.03Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board
275Board Policy Development
280Board Member Expenses
280.01Ethics and Gift Ban
288Records Preservation and Development of Retention Schedules
288.01Access to Public Records
288.01-AP1Administrative Procedure - Access to and Copying of District Public Records
288.01-E1Exhibit - Written Request for District Public Records
288.01-E2Exhibit - Illinois Freedom of Information Act Directory/Instructions for Obtaining Public Records
288.01-E3Exhibit - Immediately Available Public Records
296Public Complaints and Uniform Grievance Procedure
296-AP1Administrative Procedure - Non-Discrimination and Complaint Coordinator