Prairie Central High School Alumni Hall of Fame

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Administered by: The Prairie Central Hall of Fame Committee

Purpose: This is a formal program to recognize the achievements of Prairie Central High School alumni and to link these alumni with the current Prairie Central High School students. It is important to recognize graduates of Prairie Central High School. Many have gone on to be very successful and to make significant contributions to society. The high school and committee will work together to support, promote, and to organize this project.

Structure: The Committee will solicit nominations for Prairie Central High School alumni to be recognized for the Hall of Fame. One recipient will be selected and announced by the Hall of Fame Committee. As a part of receiving this honor, the recipient would be asked to return to Prairie Central High School during a function to address an assembly of students and relate their experiences. Each recipient will have a professional portrait taken, at no charge, for display in the high school.

Criteria for Hall of Fame Selection:
· Prairie Central High School Graduate
· Nominees should be out of high school a minimum of 10 years
· Achievements in Career Field
· Willingness to share experiences with current Prairie Central High School students
· Contributions to society
· Positive contributions as a role model
· Recognition by peers

Nomination Process: Nominate a Prairie Central High School graduate by completing in detail, the “NOMINATION FORM” and describing why the nominee should be honored. The nomination should reflect the criteria established for the Hall of Fame. In addition, provide the names of three people who will submit references for the nomination. The nominee will remain under consideration for induction for two consecutive years. (A candidate pool of at least five (5) nominees must be obtained in order to select the next candidate for induction into the Hall of Fame). The person nominating the candidate will be informed of the committee’s decision. If this person is not available, then the person listed first on the “LETTER OF REFERENCE FORM” will be contacted.

Letters of Reference:
· Background information and all supporting documents must be provided.
· Documents may be photocopied
· The statement of justification for nominating a candidate should be 300 words or less.
· The letter of reference should be from a responsible community member. The person should be capable of reporting the candidate’s participation in the community in terms of work service, leadership, notable skills, and outstanding recognition. This person can be a business person, minister, civic leader, colleague, or employer.

Nomination forms and letters of recommendation must be submitted by August 15, 2010

Please send all nominations to:

P.C.H.S Hall of Fame Committee
Prairie Central High School
411 N. 7th St.
Fairbury, IL 61739
FAX (815) 692-2438