The following is a list of printable forms for employees.  All forms are Adobe (.pdf) files.  You will need Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

***Some of the forms should be printed on colored paper as indicated.  The Unit Office greatly appreciates your cooperation.

2015 Open Enrollment Insurance Information
   - 2015 Health Insurance Comparisons

   - 2015 Open Enrollment Memo
   - New FDL Summary

   - New FDL HL Sheet

Health Alliance Provider Directory
IMRF Voluntary Additional Contributions Fact Sheet
Paycheck Deductions and Benefits Explanations
Health Insurance Plan Description - POS (traditional)
Health Insurance Plan Description - POS (Family)

Health Insurance Plan Description - PPO (alternative/high deductible)

Family Plan Summary
Traditional Plan Summary
Alternative Plan Summary
403b Vendors COBRA Coverage Initial Notification
Community Fund Payroll Deduction Superintendent Contract 2013-2017
CPDU Application
   CPDU Form - August 21, 2015  
   CPDU Form - January 16, 2015
   CPDU Form - August 19. 2014
   CPDU Form - January 17, 2014
   CPDU Form - January 7, 2013 Institute
   CPDU Form - September 26, 2012
   CPDU Form - February 17, 2012 Institute
   CPDU Form - August 20, 2012
Dental Benefit Summary
Dental Benefit Booklet
Dental Maximum Rollover Explanation
Generic Dental ID Card
SY2015 Administrator and Teacher Salary and Benefits Report
Direct Deposit Authorization IMRF Total Compensation Package
Employee Accident Report
Employee Time Sheets
Graduate Course Approval Form
Graduate Course Reimbursement Form
Incident Report - to be used for visitor/student injury on school property
 Personal Leave (Green Paper)
Professional Leave (Goldenrod Paper)
Report of Absence (Blue Paper)
 Unpaid Leave
Withholding Allowances - IL-W-4 and W-4